Do You Feel Like You Never Have Time For Social Media?

As a business owner, you know social media is important.  

You can use social media to meet new people, create and build relationships, find new customers, and grow your mailing list.  

But let's be honest - there are only 24 hours a day, and when you're busy with all of your other business tasks and everything you have to do in your life - social media can easily get put on the back in action.

I have something that will help make social media much easier!  

Social Media 365 will take the hard work out of social media.  

You will receive an idea for a social media post for each day of the year, plus you'll also receive 20 done-for-you Instagram Posts and 10 Stories. You'll receive these in JPEG and PSD (Photoshop) formats, so you can use these templates as is, or you can use them as inspiration and customize them to fit your needs.  

You'll also receive 149 quotes, that you can use in text format, or easily create a quick image with in Canva or PicMonkey.  

You'll receive a Social Media Planner, an Instagram Planner, a reuseable calendar, and checklists! 

I can't give you a holiday -- but definitely the complete Soul Rich Woman 365 Social Media system can get you TIME back onto your schedule!

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You will receive a complete social media system – including  

  • 365 Social Media Templates (one for each day of the year) You can use these on any platform. They are written in text - and you can use them that way, or you can easily create a graphic out of them.
  • 20 Pre-Made Instagram Post Templates 
  • 10 Pre-Made Instagram Stories Templates. You will receive the pictures with writing on them (jpeg) and the Photoshop files (PSD)  
  • You will also receive the pictures without writing on them, so you can add your own quotes, messages, etc. Again, you'll get the JPEG and PSD formats.
  • Workbook & Weekly Social Media Planner (19 pages) 
  • Instagram Marketing Planner (15 pages)
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar (you can fill it in & keep re-using it) 
  • Checklist for posting in Facebook Groups 
  • Checklist for what to post on your Facebook Business Page 
  • Checklist for posting on Snapchat 
  • Checklist for posting on LinkedIn

#1 Show off a picture from yourself when you were a kid / teenager / young adult. Or, you could show a flashback picture of your first car, first home, the day you got married, when your child was born, etc. 

#2 It’s okay to get vulnerable and share your story. Your peeps won’t think less of you. In fact – you will be showing them that you were once starting from “step 1” (sometimes going back to “step 1” more than once) and if you can achieve success, so can they.

#3 Many of us need to know our reason WHY we want to achieve our goal. Losing weight, making extra money, etc, may be the goals – but they’re not the WHY and until we know what our WHY is, we won’t be successful. Show your peeps what your WHY is, and help them discover their own WHY.

Remember to use code social50 to get your 50% discount! 

Here Are The Instagram Post & Stories Templates You'll Receive:

Get ALL Of Your Social Media - Done For A Year! 

You'll be able to download everything in Social Media 365. 

You can sit down, and start creating all of your social media posts now - and have them publish later. 

(You can also outsource this to a Virtual Assistant!)

How awesome does this sound - you can wake up, start your day knowing you don't have to worry about creating a social media post. Your social media is done for you - and it's working for your business - helping you meet new customers and growing your business for you!

Now You Can Run Your Business, Have A Life, And Quit Worrying About Social Media!  

 Miss “Done For You” Business Maven

It’s never been as easy to start as it is today. That said, the learning curve can be damn steep.

  SRW shortens that learning curve and lowers the technical hurdles so you can standout, captivate your audience, and contribute to the lives of other women through the world of your authentic brand, sooner rather than later.

  Striking out on your own is always scary, and we always imagine the worst possible scenarios. In reality, these situations rarely come to pass. 

[I want women to know that they shouldn’t be crippled by their perceived limitations. Instead, they should channel that worry into something more positive by envisioning success. 

Don’t dwell, because the longer you dwell, the harder it’ll be for you to take action. 

Get educated, make mistakes, learn, repeat. 

You don’t want to be that person who regrets not doing enough for herself when you get older. 

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