Discover How You Can Deepen Your Own Spiritual Journey To Oneness

Soul Miracle Map card reading is a bi-monthly group coaching program 

It's way more than just the average psychic and healing, card reading course where students learn Card Meanings while a teacher reads notes out over slides. This course will help you feel confident giving professional level Card Readings for fun or income. 

Here's what is included: 

  • Give accurate psychic readings with the intuitive enlightenment card like a professional reader
  • Use the intuitive enlightenment cards to rapidly improve your love life
  • Use the intuitive enlightenment card to rapidly improve your business, career and finances
  • Office Hours threads twice a month where our mentors personally answer all your questions specific to your intuitive journey
  • Consult the intuitive enlightenment card for quick questions or more detailed readings up to 1 hour 
  • Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to improve your life
  • Know the best way to consult the intuitive enlightenment card for important decisions
  • Understand how to use the intuitive enlightenment card to heal any challenge in your life 

By studying the card meanings from this SOUL Miracle Map - Card Reading course, you can help others discover their destiny and make important decisions to improve their lives in a gentle and easy way 

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Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
6 Months Coaching Program
730pm to 930pm.

So How Does It Work?

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This intensive card reading immersion experience is led by Genecia ALLUORA – a best-selling author, speaker & international instructor.

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Look, I see you out there hustlin' for the life you deserve. By the end of this you will know how to:

  • Identify the meaning of every single card.
  • Be crystal clear on your strengths and turn them into readings for self and others.
  • Get fearless, and get out there in a big way!  
  • Confidently give accurate psychic readings using these intuitive cards.
  • Use the intuitive enlightenment card to improve your love life.
  • Use the intuitive enlightenment card to improve your business, career and finances.
  • Discover the answer to quick questions and do more detailed readings for up to 1 hour.
  • Identify what spiritual lessons you need to master to rapidly improve your life.
  • Know how to consult the cards to heal any challenge in your life.
  • Give Ethical intuitive card Readings.
  • Use Psychic Protection before each reading.
  • Read the cards intuitively for more accuracy. 
  • Give a 3 card, 6 cards, or more, multiple choice and yes/no intuitive card reading.
  • This includes card readings for General, Love and Business, dozens of sample readings to rapidly improve your understanding of the enlightenment cards, the different spreads to use for different purposes, the best techniques to get the most accurate psychic readings and how to psychically protect yourself while giving readings.

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Save $300.
Receive a ONE ON ONE 60 minutes coaching With Genecia worth $1988



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Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking Soul Miracle Map® Card Reading Course? A: No, you can be just starting a business, or just wanting to learn intuitive healing principles, or simply just looking for ways to to heal yourself or others.

Q: What happens after I click buy now? A: We will send you the welcome pack to get started, e.g. things to get ready for each session. and you will be given the links to the zoom rooms to attend the bi=weekly sessions.

Q: What if the dates clash? A: Don't worry, we always will record the session and you can have access to the members area to re visit the content, and during the coaching period, you will have unlimited access to Genecia via the project course management dashboard to ask any questions - there will be no falling behind.

Q: Can I join the program at any point? A: Yes, you may join in for 1 month, it is designed as an ongoing program. However you will not be eligible for the certification.

Q: What if I am a complete beginner and I think I am not a psychic? A: This course is designed for beginners and that is why it is in a group coaching format. Our goal is add both self-study, hands on and practical so that the hand holding, step by step is there for you to pick up the skill.

Q: Why is it bi-weekly: A: This is suitable for people who wants to practice along the way so that by the end of the entire coaching program, you will already be confident and equipped to fly solo on your card reading for friends and family.

Q: How does the money back guarantee work?: A: You've nothing to lose - to attend at least 1 session, and if you feel that we are not a good fit, you can write in to to ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Q: Is there a trial session?: A: Genecia is an international speaker, trainer - training alongside big names such as Sheryl Sandberg, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pia Wurtzbac, Elena Cardone, Mary Buffet, Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and more. We encourage you to take a leap of faith to sign up for the program, and you've nothing to lose. There is a money back guarantee.

Q: Which decks are we learning?: A: You will be taught the enlightenment cards, similar to tarot cards and using Genecia's method of SOUL Miracle Map - so that the readings you offer are unique and some of the card layouts we do use the tarot 3 card layouts in one of our style of reading. The cards are the same ones that Genecia uses on Tik Tok Live Streams.

Q: Why do we need 6 months?: A: Genecia believes in hand holding and guiding the group to be an effective intuitive card reader, helping ourselves, our family members and others. Therefore attention is given to the group, unlike watching online courses.

Q: What if I want to complete this one on one and Fast track? A: That option is available, and do note that with this option, the investment will be different VS the group coaching package. Please email Joy at for the option.


Genecia has developed her unique style of methodology in card reading, healing specifically in relationships, career, money mind and business. She has been coaching and training people from all walks of life since 2001. She has invested extensively in the area of self-discovery and healing, at the same time sharing her gifts to many people around the world.

Genecia's teaching is simple, profound yet easy to apply. Many who attended her workshops reported to have experienced huge shifts in their lives especially in the area of money, relationship and career/business.

Her credentials:

  • Founder of Soul Rich Woman
  • Award Winning Podcast Host
  • NLP Certification
  • Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • Hypnotherapist Certification
  • Timeline Therapist Certification
  • Money and You
  • Landmark
  • Enneagram Institute: Enneagram Coach Certification
  • Thiagi Facilitator Certification
  • Psychology of Vision
  • Breathworks
  • Emotion Freedom Technique
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Miss Singapore 2006
  • Award Winning Entrepreneur
  • Cafe Retail Chain Owner